I Was Blind… so they sent me broken headphones?

headphones_01.jpgA note from FedEx on Monday alerted me to a delivery attempt during a time when I wasn’t available to receive packages. After some careful thinking, I figured that the package was one of the Harvey Dent press packages that some others have been receiving. The next day, as I arrived home, I saw not one but two packages waiting to be opened. It was like my birthday, except without all of the feeling old and stuff. And while one of the packages was, indeed, a Harvey Dent swag explosion (more on that tomorrow), it was the other that has me scratching my head. For you see, unlike the tidy folder that held the Dark Knight promo material, the other package contained… broken headphones. Broken headphones wrapped in a single sheet from Monday’s “The Guardian”.

For a few more pictures, and the rest of the details, read on. Maybe you can help us figure out this mystery!

headphones_02.jpgI took a closer look at the headphones, and noticed a copious amount of black electrical tape at the top, and lo and behold, I found a message scratched into the mass of tape: I WAS BLIND. There was nothing else strange about the headphones — I even unravelled the tape near the plug, but there was nothing hidden underneath. This led me to the newspaper next, which is where I noticed the next clue — some of the letters on the front page were blacked out, by hand.

Reading left to right, top to bottom, revealed this message: AND NOW WE ARE 3. At least, that’s what I think the message says — the last number is the first digit from the Friday closing price of Bear Stearns shares, which is being reported at $30.

So, color me stumped. If anyone out there has an idea as to what this is all about, be sure to comment here and let us in on the secret. If it helps any, the package originated from the UK, but because we value privacy, that’s all we’ll say about the sender.

headphones_03.jpg  headphones_04.jpg
headphones_05.jpg  headphones_06.jpg


  1. Ouroboros

    How broken are the headphones? Any signs of tampering with the wiring? Maybe some sort of circuit or chip spliced into the line? Or just the leads to one side’s speaker cut?
    The direction these questions are going is: Might this be a “decoding device” for an audiofile you haven’t received yet.

  2. Josh Critchfield

    Maybe, just maybe, “and now we are 3” means the 3 badguys in the movie, are joing forces at some point. I’m just putting it out there. Your guess is as good as mine.

  3. Barbie

    Maybe it has to do with the number of good guys. Remembering an exchange between Gordon and Batman in Batman Begins:
    Gordon:”You’re just one man?”
    Batman:”Now we’re two.”

  4. cykobob

    if joker and twoface team up that would makt 3 personalities

  5. Gez

    “Now we are three”, I think is a poetry book by A A Milne too.. Might be way off beam. Gez

  6. Mako Y

    Put it together, the cakephones expire on Sunday, March 29th. On Monday, March 30th, you will most likely receive a letter, package, or email.

    After all, what could be better than April Fools Day on Tuesday?

    Expect something good, folks. This ARG is a damned good one.

    Mako out.

  7. mako y

    any word about the April Fools 2008 for the Dark Knight? It’s so obviously going to happen, the question is, what’s the Joker going to “do”? Wow.

  8. vidstudent

    Throwing junk out there (I should look for an Unfiction thread):

    “And now we are 3” rhymes with “but now I see”, the expected Biblical response to “I was blind”. The possible statements that lead to “And now we are three” are either “There were 4” or “There were 2”, neither of which rhyme. :-p

    Neither given phrase appears to work as a keyword on EDOC Laundry’s new site. I was hoping, given the music angle and the headphones.

    There is a badly-done website for a book called I was blind, but now I see using the first phrase as a website name. I just don’t think it’s related, nor do I want to link it. ^_^;; There is nothing evident with regards to the other phrase.

    Other than EDOC, the only music-related ARG that comes readily to mind is Year Zero, which is supposed to have a Year One supplement at a later date. I’m sure there are more, and I also do not discount the distinct possibility that this is a new one.

    Interesting, to be sure….

  9. mako y

    Speaking of music…REM releases their new CD on April 1st. Are they involved in the soundtrack to The Dark Knight? Remakes and the like….

  10. Will

    Barbie had it right. The three are the two heroes of Batman Begins (Batman and Gordon) with the third being Harvey Dent, the new addition for the Dark Knight who will join them in their crusade against crime until his unfortunate accident.

  11. MrToasty

    Seems possible that it’s related to this:
    Random camera in my DJ bag…

    Check pages 2-3 to see the relevance. So far it involves a DJ in the UK and an email received today was filled with anagrams of “I was blind.” Seems like a possibility.