ARGNet gets YouTube’d, Twitterpated!

Youtube and Twitter logosARGNet is pleased to announce our brand-new and shiny YouTube channel, argnetwork. Now playing: “ARGs and Extended Media Experiences,” the first panel from this year’s ARGFest-o-Con in Boston. Due to YouTube upload limits, we had to break it into six pieces, but it’s all there.

The rest of the panels will go up as fast as we can get to them. Attendees can relive the thrill of professional tattooed bodybuilders and black-bearded Grand Inquisitors, and if you weren’t there you can now see what you missed. We will also be moving over the ARG Video Netcasts as soon as possible. Enjoy!

Also, we might as well make our official announcement of the ARGNet Twitter account. Twitter is a great micro-blogging service that works well with announcements. So far, we’ve used it in an unofficial capacity for breaking news and article announcements, but we figure it’s time to make it official. Unfortunately for some, this means the end of the announcement email subscription, which will be phased out by October 1st. So, if you want the latest news on alternate reality games and related items, follow us on Twitter!


  1. I wish you’d keep the news alerts. There’s so many random tweets going on that it’s hard to keep up with them, and for something like a game launch or whatnot it would be nice to have a “Hey, this is significant” alert rather than a tweet that’s going to get lost in the noise.

  2. HUGE thanks to you guys for getting onto Twitter. It’s great to get information straight to the feed and the phone. Welcome to the new communication model.

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