Earlier this year, the Xi alternate reality game invaded the Playstation Home community-based service with cryptic clues scattered across the virtual playspace that Home provides. The game was billed as the first console-based ARG, and put nDreams (the company behind the game) into the spotlight. Recently, the company announceda return to the Home community with new projects, and another ARG project. According to David Varela, ARG producer at nDreams, “[i]t won’t be based in PlayStation Home – sorry, Home fans – but I fully expect it to be one of the biggest ARGs in the world next year.” Varela adds that the ARG is still in development and will not be released until early in 2010, but the company is very busy behind the scenes. In fact, they are expanding their team through a recruitment drive as they search for a Senior Programmer, Programmer, Artist, Web Developer/Engineer and Finance Manager.

We will keep tabs on this new, mysterious nDreams project, as can you by following them via RSS.