Fight the Apocalypse: A Supernatural ARG for the UK

fighttheapocalypseThe fifth season of Supernatural is coming to the UK this February. To raise awareness for the show’s return, LIVING launched Fight the Apocalypse, an alternate reality game running from today until March 3rd. UK and Eire residents 18 years or over can join the game by registering at and following the @fightapocalypse twitter account. The player who collects the highest number of points over the course of the game will win a flight to Vancouver to visit the set of Supernatural, along with the chance to appear in the show.

In order to play, residents of the UK or Eire can follow a series of clues delivered via the game’s Clue Portal or through videos by the angel Castiel (Misha Collins) that lead to Enochian Sigils scattered online and across the country. By taking pictures of the sigils and sending them via MMS or email, players can help Sam and Dean Winchester stay hidden from Lucifer. The clue to the first sigil notes:

In the heart of London there is a Victorian street of booksellers. Here you will find an esoteric bookshop, established in 1894, specialising in Mysticism, Mind, Body and Spirit. Find a Sigil here and even have your Tarot read while you’re there.

In addition to hunting the Enochian Sigils, players can join armies of fellow players and create alliances through Facebook or their mobile devices. Additional clues and challenges will be released on the game’s twitter account.

While the main focus of the game appears to be hunting down sigils, Castiel’s videos provide an opportunity to extend the story. And since the game asks players to “look out for new ways to score points as the game goes on,” there may be much more to this experience.

Access to the Lucifer is Coming website is restricted to UK and Eire residents.


  1. I’m extremely jealous to people in the UK more than ever now.

    Any chance they’d make an ARG for Supernatural in the US?

  2. Jackque-Ann Keel

    February 2, 2010 at 4:00 am

    This is wicked, will certaily be having a go at this game!!

  3. Certainly no need to be jealous of this game. It was horrific, games organisers had no clue what they were doing and were rude and abusive to the players (thats when we got any communication from them at all). Virgin refused to clarify the rules or define cheating , so people were cheating all over the place…utter chaos. They gave out wrong clues, so people would waste time looking for it and it wasn’t there, they made all the players phone numbers available to anyone. They have such a wonderful opportunity with this game and they blew it big time. I am so appalled at the way it was operated, I’m now having my Virgin Media services taken out.
    Oh did I mention that the chances are that the prize was fake anyway. The T&C’s change to say that they were no longer even guaranteed a chance to be in Supernatural!

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