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ARGNet: A New Frontier

new_logo.jpgMark this day on your calendars, folks, because today ARGN becomes ARGNet. And from now on, we’re reporting news. Forget about the fact that we’ve been reporting the news for a long, long time now — today, ARG news becomes our only mission. Not that being the largest, most complete alternate reality gaming affiliate site wasn’t great and all, but we’ve moved past that stage in life, and are ready for the future.

So, what is this crazy future I speak of? Well, for starters, ARGNet now becomes your largest and most complete news resource available for players of online collaborative Alternate Reality Games (or so our About page says). We’re going to move away from being that kind of network and move towards being this kind of network. You know, less like Cisco and more like CNN. Now, this doesn’t really change much, but even small changes can be revolutionary in scale, so we’re happy to make this announcement and officially shift gears to becoming a dedicated news source. We hope you like the changes we have in store, starting with tonight, and invite your comments and suggestions.

We’re Four! Let’s Eat Cake!

ARGNWhile things are simmering on medium heat in the world of Alternate Reality Gaming (we are in the midst of an in-depth look into Catching The Wish, so look for that in the next few days), we’d like to toot our own horn for a brief moment. In June 2002, “The Godfather” Steve Peters launched this site as a place where people could hang out and talk. Today, the Alternate Reality Gaming Network is not only alive and kicking, but taking great strides towards the future. There are a few projects that are being explored for development, including the ARG Archive and podcast interviews, so we hope our fifth year of existence proves to be another great year. Thanks go out to all of you who keep coming back and supporting our site!

Tweaking ARGN / New Staff

gears2.jpgIn an ongoing mission to keep this site functional and relevant, we will be making some minor changes to ARGN in the next few weeks. Most of which will go unnoticed by the untrained eye, but some will be evident. The content and focus of the site will remain the same. We have already implemented two changes — the move to a new version of our publishing software, and the addition of comments (time-limited and moderated) to our articles, which started on April 11. We appreciate your ongoing support as we tinker with the way the site operates — feel free to contact us if you have issues with the web site functionality.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to recognize three new staff members who have joined us in the past month — Will Bagby, Marie Lamb, and Michelle Senderhauf. All three are long-time ARG community members with experience behind the curtain as game developers, and we are very fortunate to have them on board.

A Very Important Message From ARGN

At this time, we would like to make a very personal statement for everyone who follows this site or has toiled in our archives from time to time.

Playing an Alternate Reality Game is hard work, but its even harder reporting on one. Real life takes a back seat to the importance of getting the news out to our valued reader base. I’ve personally made many sacrifices — skipping hip replacement surgery, for example — to make sure that the word about ARG gets out there to the masses. Love is, and always has been, my motivation, but now it’s time to come clean.

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ARGN Adds Features, Staff

argnsmall.jpgARGN has turned an important corner, recently. For the past six months, the genre of Alternate Reality Gaming has continued to gain mainstream recognition, in no small part due to games like I Love Bees and Regenesis. As a result, traffic here and at affiliate sites like Unfiction has continued to grow swiftly, which is a good problem to have. The proliferation of new and ongoing ARGs, continued media exposure, and becoming widely accepted as a bona-fide news source has suddenly made it pretty obvious that we’re not just a little fan-site any more.

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