At this time, we would like to make a very personal statement for everyone who follows this site or has toiled in our archives from time to time.

Playing an Alternate Reality Game is hard work, but its even harder reporting on one. Real life takes a back seat to the importance of getting the news out to our valued reader base. I’ve personally made many sacrifices — skipping hip replacement surgery, for example — to make sure that the word about ARG gets out there to the masses. Love is, and always has been, my motivation, but now it’s time to come clean.

For the past three months, since we’ve had our administrative shuffle, I have asked the staff of this site to prepare for a huge shift. Once I was sure that we had the right staff in place, I told them about my plans for the ARGN web site. Originally created as a network hub for ARG resources, this site has become the primary news source for the public, whether they are a part of the ARG community or not. Like the phoenix, however, it is time to reinvent ourselves again — this time as an actual Alternate Reality Game.

Day one of the new ARGN ARG is…. today. At this point, you have already swallowed the red pill. You are already on the ground floor.

Go take a look around the site — is there anything missing? Or have things been added? Take a closer look. Call your friends and get them in on the action. Head over to your discussion forum of choice and post a message about us. Ask yourself the question — what the hell have I gotten myself into? Leave your inhibitions at the door, and join in on the fun; we guarantee an excellent time.

Of course, this is only the beginning. Very soon, we will be rolling out some new features for this ‘news site’ which will make everything much clearer to you. Earlier than you think, the ARGN ARG will blow your pretty little mind, and you will love us for it.

As of this moment, then, we step behind the curtain, and leave you to it. Ready for what’s in store? Go for it, find that next clue.

Naq gura gur fpernzvat fgnegrq…