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ARG Netcast, Episode 21: The Mainstream

argnetcast.jpgIn the 21st episode of the netcast series, we discuss the ARG news of the past week, including the massive mainstream press attention ARGs have been getting this month and last. Regular panelists Jon Waite, Sean Stacey and Jessica Price are joined by first-timers Michelle Senderhauf and Geoff May. Subscribe to the ARG Netcast feed through this link or via iTunes. Contact us at our special netcast email address, [email protected] with your tips, suggestions, concerns and submissions. Call us on the ARGNet voicemail at 630-274-5425.

42 Entertainment to be Featured on Spike TV Program

unseen.jpgAlternate reality gaming has enjoyed a great deal of mainstream press lately, particularly for games like Year Zero and World Without Oil. Tomorrow night, 42 Entertainment will be featured on Spike TV’s Game Head, a “half-hour weekly program dedicated to everything that is happening in the world of video games,” according to the Spike TV web site. While the show description is interesting enough, a more intriguing tidbit of information game in a game tip sent in to ARGNet which states to watch the show closely, as there may be “something you are missing!”

If you are able to watch Spike, the show airs at 1 AM EST on “Friday” (technically, Saturday) / 10 PM PST on Friday. If you happen to miss it, there is a video archive on the show’s web site, but there’s no indication how long this episode will take to show up there after airing. So, just watch it!

ARG Gaining Media Attention

hackerth.jpgDespite the absence of a ‘big’ game currently in play, the past few weeks have revealed a sudden increase in the interest the press is showing to Alternate Reality Gaming. Combine this with the announcements of upcoming ARGs and the I Love Bees team’s soon-to-be-bestowed 2005 Innovation Award, and you’ve got some major momentum toward the general public discovering this cutting edge, innovative form of entertainment.

Those in the marketing field have been catching on to the potential of Alternate Reality Gaming for some time, as evidenced by a recent blurb in TrendCentral, a leading newsletter about marketing trends. Now, thanks to recent successes such as I Love Bees and Regenesis, the mainstream press seems to be paying attention as well.

In the past week, Alternate Reality Games have caught the interest of CNET News, The Age, and Straight.com. Earlier articles have also appeared in The New York Times, Wired and The Times Online to name just a few. Watch for upcoming articles in other major news providers as well.

So, with all of the sudden attention, what’s next for Alternate Reality Gaming? While we can’t say much about what we’ve heard or how much we know for sure, we can say this much: Buckle your seatbelts and prepare to kiss your free time goodbye!

NOTE: If you’re an ARG veteran, be sure to look for a little Easter Egg in the above CNET News article. 😉