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PXC Forums Come To Life, and a Scarlett Letter

pxc_pole.jpgA long-awaited addition to the Perplex City universe happened late last week when the site rolled out its in-game message forum area. Players have been busily discussing topics related to the puzzle cards that have been released so far, and new information has been added to the FAQ section.

As well, this past week included an email from in-game character Scarlett Kiteway to all players on her father’s (Sente Kiteway) mailing list. The email was chock full of information about the death of Pietro Salk, who had been a reporter at the Perplex City Sentinel. Players were able to get Scarlett’s take on the situation and were offered a spot on her mailing list.

As the PXC machine continues to chug along, you can catch updates at the Perplex City Updates blog as well as right here at ARGN.

Perplex City Plays Its Cards Right

pc2.jpgThe much-anticipated alternate reality game Perplex City came a little closer to full launch yesterday, with the first packs of puzzle cards going on sale at Playlounge in London.

The news reached players through an unexpected tip-off from wannabe-journalist
Scarlett Kiteway, just two hours before the cards were to be made available. Two players in the area were able to make their way to the store, where the puppetmasters were waiting excitedly to greet their first ever customers and take a few celebratory photographs. It was reported that the cards had only arrived from the printers that day, and the Mind Candy team had made a last minute decision to dash the first packs over to Playlounge and into the eager hands of its players.

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Scarlett Hits the Airwaves

scarlett.gifPerplex City’s Scarlett Kiteway appeared on a British radio talk show in the wee hours this morning. Scarlett was interviewed on the Mike Mendoza show, which is a general talk show that covers everything from current events to gadgets.

As far as we know, this is only the second time a fictional ARG character has been interviewed for broadcast (the first being Art of the Heist’s Virgil Tatum at E3). The interview with Scarlett was fun to listen to, and also revealed a few new facts about Perplex City, the game and the place.

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