scarlett.gifPerplex City’s Scarlett Kiteway appeared on a British radio talk show in the wee hours this morning. Scarlett was interviewed on the Mike Mendoza show, which is a general talk show that covers everything from current events to gadgets.

As far as we know, this is only the second time a fictional ARG character has been interviewed for broadcast (the first being Art of the Heist’s Virgil Tatum at E3). The interview with Scarlett was fun to listen to, and also revealed a few new facts about Perplex City, the game and the place.

Most notably, it seems that Perplex City (the game) will run for about a year, and by that we’ll assume that they didn’t include the previous year of teasers. This confirms what we’ve heard about this, and is a first for an Alternate Reality Game in terms of length of play. Gott love Alternate Reality Gaming. Where else can you get a year’s worth of quality entertainment for free?

Mendoza definitely emphasized the £100,000 prize, and wanted Scarlett to let listeners know more about the search and how they can get involved. She did a good job of explaining the basic story and pointing people to the various websites involved. If you’d like to hear the interview for yourself, an enterprizing unfiction member posted a capture of it here.

So, it seems that the hunt will begin in earnest within the next few days. Here’s to hoping. 🙂

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