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Guinness Tipping Point ARG Update: I May Be Getting Wasted, But I Won’t Be Getting Rich

guinness_uk.jpgA post on Spinning Around, a subsidiary of AMV BBDO, indicates that the game requires players to go to the Guinness website to enter codes to gradually unlock the video. The first of eleven unlock codes is already available, revealing a three second snippet from the commercial.

Checking the Game’s Terms of Service reveals that there will be weekly prizes offered starting on November 2nd and running until December 7th. Prizes include Guinness branded glass packs, mugs, pint aprons, pint oven gloves, luxury chocolate truffles, Pint bottle opener key rings, Toucan key rings, Toucan luggage tags, playing cards and egg cup sets for 175 lucky people each week. It also indicates the official name of the campaign is the “Guinness Tipping Point”.

The grand prize for completing all the puzzles is a solid gold domino, awarded randomly to a participant who registers and successfully completes all 11 clues. However, don’t get too excited — the contest portion of this alternate reality game is only open to mainland UK residents over the age of 18.

Click Here to enter your Tipping Point codes and register to win.
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Guinness Campaign Might Not Get You Drunk, but That’s Not Stopping Me

guinness.jpgAccording to Adfreak, GUINNESSĀ®, with the help of the advertising agency AMV BBDO, will be launching a new alternate reality game. Described as a “kind of treasure hunt”, players will be scouring the net to be the first to find Guinness’ newest commercial by following a series of clues, codes, and puzzles. The agency warns, “don’t expect it to be easy. As you know, it just wouldn’t be Guinness if the reward didn’t involve a little waiting.”

The first video has already been posted on YouTube by MeestaRamon, the mayor of a village that will be throwing a little celebration. In the video, Mr. Juan Ramon promises an unforgettable adventure, noting “a grand treasure awaits the person who finds the path” while playing with a handful of dominos. It remains to be seen whether the “winner” of this alternate reality game will receive something more than the first look at Guinness’ new ad before it goes on television.

ExperienceCurve shares a letter from Mr. Ramon that suggests a closer look at the video might be in order.

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Ravenchase Chicago: Treasure Hunting in the Windy City

ravenchase.jpgRavenchase Adventures bills itself as a “real adventure” using “riddles, anagrams, puzzles, actors, the far reaches of imagination and more,” and warns that it “may be more fun than you can handle.” They hold events around the country (upcoming locations include Honolulu, Chicago again next month, Baltimore, Manhattan, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and others) and will be putting on a national treasure hunt in July.

Since I really enjoyed playing Tombstone Hold ‘Em and have always been envious of those who’ve gotten to participate in events like the Go Game or Jane McGonigal’s oeuvre, a Ravenchase race to a final location determined via clues at downtown Chicago landmarks seemed like a perfect opportunity to get my puzzle hunt fix. I headed to Chicago to meet up with fellow ARGNet writer Krystyn Wells and two other crewmembers from my beekeeping days.

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