crywolf.gifWe reported earlier about a text-messaging game related to the upcoming feature film Cry Wolf. Well, ARGN got a tip today about how you can get involved in the AIM-based ‘instant-win game’. Register at this site to get in on the action, provided you have an AIM screenname and access to the AIM service on your handheld device/cell phone. The grand prize is a trip to Hollywood to hunt for a missing car. As we said in our earlier article, we have no idea where this will lead. However, after reading the offical rules, we’re pretty confident that this is a sweepstakes only and not an ARG, per se.

In addition, there was another website address given in the tip for a completely different game, but still connected to the movie. Cry Wolf: The Game is a flash-based game pitting people against each other in an elimination-style cat-and-mouse game. The site includes tutorials in which the voice-over instructions, which are both simplistic and thorough, give you a good sense of how the game is played before you jump into it. Again, we’re not implying that this would lead to anywhere ARGish, but it’s a neat diversion and another interesting use of Internet technologies to promote a movie.