Check Your Joystick at the Door

migs.jpgOver 800 members of the worldwide gaming industry descended upon Eastern Canada today for the start of the Montréal International Game Summit 2006. Designed to become “The Annual Event” for Canadian and East coast game development specialists, the Summit is hosting “some 30 courses, seminars, conferences, and workshops over a two-day period” as well as numerous social activities since game designers have to play at some point in time.

On a special note for ARG enthusiasts, Elan Lee of 42 Entertainment is scheduled to give a talk on ARGs. Alternate Reality Games: Check Your Joystick at the Door promises to explore ARGs from their history to what they may become in the future. The talk will also tackle how to think about entertainment and storytelling in a whole new way. Plus, there just may be cookies.

In advance of his talk, Elan sat down with Phil Fish of the Montreal Gazette for a quick chat about what ARGs are. In the video, Elan talks about how ARGs turn the players into real world heroes rather than having them just pretend through their computer or gaming console. Off camera, Elan gave the interviewers some interesting tidbits which may be hinted at on their blog at You’ll want to check for that update later, as well as video from Elan’s talk.

ARGN would like to thank the Montreal Gazette, Sebastian Speier, and Phil Fish for graciously notifying us about the interview and allowing us to link it for our readers.


  1. hey i’m editting his keynote right now!! i’ll have the link for you in a bit later tonight !

    stay tuned

    and YES he does accidentally spill the beans on their next project !!!

  2. waiting for the link 😉
    Thanks for the transcript of the keynote.

  3. i posted the link in the IRC channel, i guess they didn’t put it anywhere.
    the video can be seen at DailyMotion and on our blog.

    here’s the direct link to his keynote

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