40,000:1–Find Kiyash at Burning Man

secretagent.jpgJane McGonigal is a busy woman. She has worked on award-winning alternate reality games including I Love Bees, Last Call Poker, and World Without Oil. Along with Ian Bogost, she introduced benevolent assassination through Cruel 2 B Kind to unsuspecting cities around the world. Independently and as a member of The Institute for the Future, Jane has published countless articles exploring alternate reality games and collaborative play.

And now, according to her blog, all she wants is our help finding her husband, Kiyash.

Jane’s husband will be attending Burning Man, an “annual experiment in temporary community dedicated to radical self-expression and radical self-reliance.” The event will be held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada from August 27th to September 3rd. Over 40,000 attendees are expected at the festival this year, so finding Kiyash will be a challenge. But then, the ARG community has faced tougher odds before.

Jane’s instructions tell potential participants of the Secret Burning Man Game to look for a six-foot-three man who will likely be wearing an orange jumpsuit, goggles, and/or a white muslin head wrap. Tell him that “Jane says hi” or something equally nice. Perhaps “Jane says you look dashing in your orange jumpsuit.”

And if you manage to beat the odds and find Kiyash, please leave us a comment with the details.

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  1. athena snows

    That guy looks like a celebrity, though the name escapes me at the moment.