Calling All Aspiring Game Designers!

biggame.JPGHave you ever had a really cool idea for a game, but despaired of finding enough funding to realize your dream?

If so, Canada’s BIG Games Design Competition may provide you with the opportunity you need to break into design. The Aitken Leadership Group are sponsoring a contest calling for the creation of games that include real-world interaction and take place in real time. Pitch your design to a panel of judges on October 13 October 5, 2007 [Ed. note: the judging date has changed], and if they pick your game, you’ll receive $5, 000.00 to create it, as well as “truly enviable notoriety.”

The rules from the site are as follows:

1) the game must be fun
2) the game must be playable by pretty much anyone: young, old, straight, gay, transgendered, street-engaged, married, people living with disabilities, people living in yaletown, people who play World of Warcraft, etc.
3) the gameplay requires real-world interaction between people (such as online interaction, personal ads, phone-tag, postcards, flashmobs, etc.)
4) Players’ social networks are expanded to include people who are “different” from themselves

Email Brian Smith ([email protected]) for more information. We couldn’t find anything on the site saying you had to be a Canadian resident to compete, but you will have to present your pitch in Vancouver.

(Bear in mind that if you win this contest after learning about it here, ARGNet will expect repayment for the tip in the form of an exclusive interview. You were warned.)


  1. Brian

    thanks for the post Jessica.

    Sorry for the confusion, but the judging date has been changed to October 5th.


  2. Shane B

    But people who play WoW are completely incapable of doing anything else unless they go through rehab!