oflifeandthestars.jpgUnton, Indiana hasn’t been the same since the orb came to town. At midnight on June 30th, Gabriel Lawson saw something large, red, and round floating over his town. Gabriel and his friend Michael tried to get to the bottom of what was happening, but as men in black started popping up on the corners, and the people of Unton started acting differently, they found it hard to even trust each other.

Many miles away, Colby Shaw and his girlfriend, Christine, have been having dreams that link the orb to characters in Unton, and have prophetic visions warning of terrible things that are going to happen. At some point, Colby woke up saying to himself, “A Prophecy of Stars!” and the phrase has not left his mind since.

From instant messages and blog posts, players have learned of the invasion, and it seems that their problems have only begun. Contact has led to Agent Darkness, one of the men in black, who seems to want to help Gabriel, Colby and Christine identify those who have
been “taken.” The Invasion of the Body Snatchers and X-Files-like themes are aplenty in this game where players don’t know who to trust, or what the next step to finding the lost residents of Unton could be.

This last Saturday, Christine and Colby left the safety of New Jersey to find themselves in an Unton ghost town. All the residents have vanished, Gabriel has gone underground, and those on Unfiction are left wondering. Perhaps you can be the one to help them… Join the mystery, and help them solve the Prophecy of Stars!