ARGNet Editor to Appear at G4TV

aots.jpgOn today’s Attack of the Show on G4TV, alternate reality gaming will be the focus of The Loop, according to the show’s blog. ARGNet will have representation during the discussion as our very own Jessica Price will appear to discuss matters with 42 Entertainment‘s Elan Lee. The blog at G4 mentions the recent Why So Serious event as one of the “saving graces” at this year’s Comic-Con, and poses the question, “[A]re ARGs in general an effective means of advertisement?”

Elan was previously featured on Episode 28 of the ARG Netcast series, of which Jessica was a panelist, so this won’t be the first time the two go on-air to discuss ARGs. As well, we’re pretty sure that folks at G4 don’t know that Jessica and Elan also share a place in Cruel 2 B Kind history.

If you have G4TV on your dial, Attack of the Show airs at 7 pm ET (4 pm PT), repeats through the night, and clips are available at the G4TV web site.


  1. kristen

    How sure are you? Vinny Rutherford is the supervising producer of Attack of the Show… hmm Rutherford, Rutherford…. where do we know that name from???


  2. BrianEnigma

    There seems to be no video yet, but a brief summary of the segment finally showed up.

  3. Jonathan Waite

    The video is up! It’s “The Loop: Do You Play Alternate Reality Games” at

  4. BrianEnigma

    Those with an iPod or iTunes who may want a downloadable version can get one of these:
    Put this in your iTunes Advanced->Subscribe to Podcast for this (and the previous 42 G4 clip) on your iPod
    This is the direct file download (right-click and save) as an iPod-compatible MP4 video.

  5. Jonathan Waite

    Thanks Bri!

  6. Rekidk

    Awesome job by both Elan and Jessica! Way to promote the genre accurately and professionally!

  7. Lovek

    And the Phaedra Fan Club cheers (in an entirely non-creepy or stalker-ish way)…

  8. Larry Eisner (Dorkmaster)

    Congrats, Jessica!!! What awesome exposure not only of course for yourself and ARGNet, but for ARGs in general!!! No offense to Elan, of course, but I have to say that I think you handled the whole thing better than he did! Which is not surprising, if one knows you, but yeah… So funny how Elan is selling constantly 🙂 But how you are doing your ARGish duty to promote the genre, while explaining at the same time (fulfilling your role here at ARGNet wonderfully, as well!) Awesome job!!!