Help us figure out: DNV, LGV 14

whereis14.jpgWhen it comes to game tip emails, we’ve seen our share of cryptic messages, but none as puzzling as the two tips for what we assume is the same game. Tip 1 went a little something like this:

Message: The first messages are being spread. We are Artists, and this is our Art. This is a Game, and we need Players.

You will be informed soon


PS: Find someone who speaks Dutch

Um, okay. We asked for more information from the author, which is when we got tip 2:

Over there, there is a bridge. Under the bridge, there is a message. Behind the message, there is a code. behind the code, there is a Project.

A website is coming. This is intended as a local game. If anyone lives in that area, feel free to ping him. Be cunning, for we will be aswell.

I’m looking forward to hearing of you.

Vincent & Laurence

Accompanying this email was the graphic we include at the top of this article — click on it for the full version.

So, anyone Dutch-speaking ARGers out there willing to give us a hand with this?


  1. Giskard

    Well, naturally, I’m here, and speaking Dutch… the coordinates are pointing to a bridge in Belgium, between the towns of Elversele and Hamme…

    Let’s discuss at unfiction:

  2. Coob

    we’re looking into this at

    so head on to the unforums and help us out!

  3. Edwin van Olst

    I speak Dutch, I’m new to the whole ARG concept though.
    I’m thrilled about the idea and would love to get into it, so if you need a (dutch-speaking) hand I’d love to help.