van_velsenmeer.jpgAh, trailheads. They come, they go, some are memorable, and some are forgettable. And some come in pretty wooden boxes. No, I’m not reminiscing about the kick-off to the original Sammeeeees game, I’m taking about a brand new game that seems to be originating from Germany. On Friday, I was pleasantly surprised to find a parcel card in my post office box — I wasn’t expecting a package, but I am always a bit excited to find one waiting for me. Handing the card to the clerk, she exchanged it for a plain brown padded envelope.

Nothing too strange here — the postmark reads “Briefzentrum 60” — so I was eager to peek inside. Once I got out of the cold air and into the warmth of my vehicle, I tore open the end of the envelope, to find a small, flat wooden box inside.

wood_01.jpg  wood_02.jpg

Sliding open the top of the box revealed two pieces of paper. On one, a message, seemingly written on a typewriter: “To execute these commandments you’ll have to find the properly gifted fellows.” The other, a punch card, was riddled with rectangular holes, and had “THE FINAL MILL INC. SERIES AAB” written in ink on the back. We have pictures and more information about the campaign after the jump, for those ready to travel further down the rabbithole.

wood_03.jpg  wood_04.jpg
wood_05.jpg  wood_06.jpg

Fortunately, we’re not the first to have received a package like this, so it’s not all up to us to solve the riddles contained within. Someone going by the handle kosmopol at the Unfiction forums got one as well, and since posting about it four short days ago, the hive mind has made a few connections already. It seems that a separate rabbithole from a German magazine points to a company called the Van Velsenmeer Foundation, which this package is connected to, according to a blog that players speculate is in-game.

As the campaign is German, English speakers may have some difficulty following along, but helpful bilingual Unfiction forum members are doing their part to keep every abreast with the latest news. Also, our friends at ARGR, the German-language ARG news site, have received a package as well and will surely be following events as they transpire.