Image from love-resurrected.comAs far as web sites go, Love Resurrected isn’t the most flashy, nor is it the most intriguing. But there’s something about a site that asks for your phone number that grabs our attention, and coupled with the fact that this apparent alternate reality game was brought to our attention by a very reputable and trustworthy source, we’ll bite. Earlier today, Steve Peters (ARGNet’s original owner, currently with 42 Entertainment) posted the link to the web site to his Twitter micro-blog stream, and quickly, members of the ARG community have found a wealth of information.

So far, a number of phone numbers, social networking profiles, email addresses and even personal identification numbers have been discovered. Luckily for you, Geoff May of has set up a wiki for the emerging mystery, and there’s a still-short (four pages) thread at the Unfiction forums where the latest news is breaking.

What we know so far is that after inputting your phone number, the site redirects to another page which includes a number of links and pieces of information. We also have word that a crew of dedicated gamers are on the way to an apparent dead drop which may glean even more important details about the game, so stay tuned as we get word back from that effort.