Putting a Halt to a Vast International Conspiracy

It’s not every day I get sent blood money, but today’s FedEx delivery contained that and a whole lot more. Included in the packet marked “evidence” was a USB drive with files of bank transfers and a recorded message, along with a map to “evidence drops” and some photos (pictures after the break). The evidence comes from an informant in Berlin, where it was recovered.

It all points to stoptheinternational.com, which is a promo site for the new movie The International starring Clive Owen. Owen is Chief Inspector Louis Salinger, tasked with tracking down evidence against The International Bank of Business and Credit, a large bank which appears to be a front for money laundering and other illegal shenanigans.

Entering the serial number for the $2 bill in the packet shows a trail that leads to guns in Africa, then shows the bill’s current location. Urp. It’s a nice touch even if it’s easy to explain. Exploring further reveals another site, www.theibbc.com, for the bank being investigated. Beyond some boring photos and a hard to read typeface, there doesn’t seem to be much there.

However, stoptheinternational.com promises some continuing interaction via weekly updates and live events. The informant who hid the recovered packet of info has secreted other stashes in New York, Los Angeles, London and Berlin. Inspector Salinger is recruiting agents to help him find these stashes and analyze their contents. The first event is November 19th in Los Angeles. Check out the “Find the Evidence” link for the map, complete with countdown clock!

We’ll hope for field reports from the LA agents after the event. In the meantime, enjoy the copious documentation provided on the IBBC and its activities.

Pictures of the evidence:


The contents of the thumb drive included a recorded message from the Berlin informant:


The rest of the files from the thumb drive:

File #1
File #2
File #3
File #4
File #5
File #6
File #7
File #8
File #9

*It’s a joke.


  1. Patrick M.

    Hey Marie,

    there was a bunch of those bloodmoney-dollars in my mailbox, too. They lead us to a website (folgedemgeld.de), that is now forwarding to stoptheinternational.com. Some few days ago, it showed us the day and time of a secret appointment. We had to meet an informant at the central station in order to find some of those secret documents. The new information lead us all the way through a park in Berlin, where we finally found a cd with the documents. We are really looking forward to what will be found tomorrow.


  2. Robbie

    That’s awesome! This definitely has me interested in the film now. Have you tracked the rounds your “Blood Money” has made using the website?

  3. Webula

    Awesome site! I entered the serial number of a dollar bill I had in my pocket, came up with a Houston Senator depositing this bill along with $10 000 into hos account from a construction company. Also gave the correct current location of the dollar bill as Dallas, Texas! (Maybe they pull this info of of the server I use to connect?)

    Looking forward to the movie now!

  4. sethu

    cheap marketing strategy that also gets people to see movies and ultimately the businessmen win but a movie should win on its own rights