Skynet Research Wants You!


A recent trailhead discovery could prove very exciting for Terminator fans as it appears to be the beginning of a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Terminator: Salvation film. Skynet Research has little more than a message claiming that “Skynet Research is Coming,” and registration for e-mail updates but the legitimacy of the site as more than a fan creation is helped by the privacy policy, which links to the website of non other than Warner Bros., the production company behind the Terminator films. There are still three months before Terminator: Salvation hits the big screen on May 22nd, which is plenty of time to give fans a chance to take part in John Connor’s resistance.

Hopefully, more comes of this web site, and when it does, ARGNet will provide updates, so keep watching this site for details.


  1. SkyNet is now sending out email to those who have registered. As a side note, the confirmation mail contained a vCard with Skynet’s phone number.

  2. Skynet Research, which previously only had a registration link for subscribers is now live, and open to all users.

  3. If you hover above the “P” on the products page a password entry box appears, trying passwords now.

  4. I signed up on their page to recieve a free “Enhancement Module 101” and got mine today 🙂

  5. SkyNet has sent out another email, this one assures visitors to the website that the audio glitch is being taken care of. It sounds like a message if you ask me, sped up. I will be loading the audio into a sound program when I get the chance tonight, maybe we’ll get that password we’ve been looking for.

  6. I signed up a few days ago. But i only got the confirmation mail.

    Does anyone know the password?

  7. Stuart McClure

    April 26, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    Let’s get started.

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