Skynet Research: Resist or be Terminated

skynet_4panelThis past Tuesday, Twitter birds that were following Skynet Research got several frantic messages advising them to ignore the “audio interference” on the Skynet homepage. Skynet, apparently afraid that the Twitter-verse would not get the word out fast enough, followed up with a mass e-mail warning visitors of “technical difficulties” that had created said audio interference while reassuring all that the problem would soon be fixed. Skynet also pointed out that the rumors circulating on were false and should be disregarded.

Skynet’s calming efforts had quite the opposite effect as visitors flooded both sites, discovering that the audio interference was no interference at all, but rather a distorted message. Upon slowing down the audio, players made a startling discovery: — the audio was, in fact, a message from a military unit named Recon Unit Strider Three reporting in and requesting extraction after coming under fire during a recon mission on Skynet “Tech Com Units.”

Audio interference indeed.

As if this was not bad enough for poor Skynet Research, over on ResistOrBeTerminated (ROBT) a mysterious blogger was debating the altruistic nature of Skynet Research. Pointing out a wide spread conspiracy, the intrepid blogger explained that Skynet had some very strange business practices. A unique robotics technology firm, Skynet stands alone in the fact that it has no listed numbers that direct callers to a human operator, no listed CEO’s, or even a listed address for a corporate facility or robotics factory.

Within the past two days the blogger has continued probing the secrets of Skynet, revealing the truth of the audio interference as well as screen captures taken from a Skynet security camera installed in Bre Pettis‘ NYC Resistor office. As disturbing as the audio interference, the screen captures showed a large group of people being herded through a grim prison setting by unseen captors. What relation these screen captures have with the audio interference and with Skynet at large remain to be seen.

Skynet has continued to reassure visitors that the audio interference will be resolved shortly and that ROBT should be ignored, but the damage has been done. A resistance movement seems to be growing if the comments on ROBT are any indication and the mysterious blogger shows no signs of giving up his quest.

A wise man once said, “The future has not been written. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.” For those of you interested in Skynet’s fate, swing over to or before it is too late and, as always, keep an eye on ARGNet for updates on this and other projects.

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  1. Yon

    Yesterday, I signed up on the skynet research site and 2 hours ago I supposedly sent an email to myself that makes no sense at all.
    It was sent by “Qkjisawyw” using my email address
    The subject was “Iorjduase”
    And the mail contained the following: “Ulenjljtysih 8733237”
    Is this because I signed up on the site or has someone gotten a hold of my password?