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Success and Failure at Live Events

coachellathumb.jpgAs reported Thursday, two seperate real world events occured this weekend within the ARG The Art Of The Heist. However, in an interesting turn of events, only one retrieval mission was a success. Players of the game were ecstactic as the New York interaction with DJ Will Star went off without a hitch, and shocked as the mission at the Coachella Music Festival was a complete bust.

Community members bagsbee and rose were front and center at The Scratch DJ Academy on Friday night to meet with Will Star, who teaches at the academy. The package was received and, once opened, another valuable SD card was available for the players to look over.

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Art Of The Heist: Bi-Coastal

Indio, CA / New York, NYThe ARG phenomenon, The Art Of The Heist, continues to immerse players in its storyline with another event planned for the night of April 29th in New York City. The following day, another game tie-in will occur in Indio, California at the world famous Coachella Valley Music Festival. This real world interaction is quite impressive, as it’s been a few years since an ARG has successfully held events on opposite sides of the continent within such a short timespan of each other.

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