godsend.jpgThe Godsend Institute has created quite the uproar over the past few weeks. The site, which was part of a promotional campaign for the upcoming movie, was mistaken to be real by many visitors. As a result, everyone from devout Christians to liberal columnists got all in a tizzy, showing outrage and even starting an online petition. Apparently folks forgot that human cloning is illegal in the United States.

Well, these folks gotta be feeling pretty silly right now, as they realized that they’d fallen for a fake site. Harkens back to the days when a trusting audience panicked thinking that martians had landed in New Jersey.

As a result of the uproar, Lions Gate Films added a popup that points to the official movie website, hopefully making it plainer to the gullible masses that yes, this is only a movie.

Two thumbs up to Lions Gate for proving again that any kind of publicity is good publicity! Now, the question is, is the film any good???