manchurian.jpgHoly crap, what a busy day it’s been! First, we find orbitalcolony, then along comes a Fedex package leading to with its mysteryious AI virus. Now we have two more good solid ARG leads to add for your investigation.

thx.jpgFirst comes a tip from the trailer for the upcoming remake of The Manchurian Candidate. Seems the evil company portrayed in the film has an online presence: What’s interesting about this (very well done) corporate site is that it has a password protected Limited Partners Extranet. In addition, there’s a Voice Recognition Game which may provide some fun, and a Kyocera phone, if you’re lucky.

Finally, Konamouse at unfiction alerted us to, which very well looks like it may be a tie-in to the upcoming DVD release of the classic George Lucas film THX-1138.

Well, that’s about it for one day. Happy hunting!