handy.jpgThese days, you can take nothing for granted.

What seems to be a very well-researched feature article in the East Bay Express discussing 4orty 2wo Entertainment, I Love Bees, and what goes on behind the scenes in an ARG also seems to have its own secrets buried within it. The article, entitled The Buzzmakers, seems to indicate that Alex Handy (the article’s author) is missing. Clues to his disappearance have been hidden within the article, the paper edition of the weekly Oakland area East Bay Express, as well other real world mediums.

Players of “Where’s Handy?” will initially need to have access to a hardcopy of the East Bay Express, available until Wednesday, May 25th. However, after those first clues are found (and scanned in for the rest of us), everyone will be able to track down Handy’s whereabouts – and possibly receive a reward for doing so.

So this is a call to arms for any Oakland area ARGers. Track down a copy of this weeks East Bay Express, find and the clues about the disappearance, and report back. Alex Handy needs you help. After all, to him, this is not a game.

The Buzzmakers article (trailhead)
East Bay Express