wolf.jpgInfocult reports this morning on some apparent ARGishness going on over at the BBC, in relation to the Dr. Who television series. It seems there have been recent clues about a certain Bad Wolf showing up in the series, which has led viewers to a related website.

Interestingly, the disclaimer page reveals some (previously) hidden text:

This website has been made by the BBC. It is placed on the Internet.The Internet is an information superhighway based on the sharing of information between computers using wires. The Internet is used by kind permission of GeoComtex.

Hmm, nothing like a suspicious coroporate website to make a cool rabbithole. Whether this leads to a full-blown alternate reality game remains to be seen, but it’s very encouraging to see the BBC continue to explore ARG territory, as is evidenced by projects like their upcoming Jamie Kane game (currently in beta).