argfest4.jpgAfter successful ARGFest-O-Cons in Las Vegas, Orlando and Vancouver BC, we think it’s high time to invade the Big Apple! Meet other ARG-obsessed souls, eat, drink, and be merry at our 4th glorified ARGParty!

ARGFest-O-Con 4 looks to be the biggest gathering of ARG players and developers yet, with players from all over the US, Canada and Great Britain planning to attend. In addition, you’ll be able to meet some of the folks behind such games as The Art of the Heist, The Beast, Chasing the Wish, Lockjaw, Metacortechs, and Perplex City.

Past events have proved to be a lot of fun for everyone, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a Cloudmaker, Jawbreaker, Beekeeper, Retriever, or just a general ARGonaut, everyone is welcome. Planned events currently include a Game Developer Roundtable, a meet-and-greet party on Friday night, general fun throughout the weekend, and perhaps even an ARGish surprise or two. Okay, maybe not perhaps.

To get up to speed on plans, hotels, transportation, etc., visit the ARGFest-O-Con 4 website, and check the discussion thread at Unfiction for the most current details.