lcp_dc.jpgThis past weekend, Last Call Poker hit Washington D.C. with a live game of Tombstone Hold ‘Em. A crowd of 25 took part at the event, which included a poker tournament and a small favor for Lucky Brown, creator of Last Call Poker.

The games took place at Historic Congressional Cemetery near RFK Stadium in D.C. where participants were greeted by a pointy, fuzzy-headed girl acting as the liaison for Lucky and drizzly rain. There, they were given chips for the tournament, instructions for tournament play, and the opportunity to peruse the historical section of the cemetery to be used during the game. Players met at the chapel in the center and were introduced to the cemetery and its history by the Chairman of the Board. Among the more flavorful members of the cemetery are John Phillip Sousa, J. Edgar Hoover, and some early members of Congress. Following the introduction, the tournament began and “tables” of 4 to 5 pairings were sent off to duke it out in Hold ‘Em. Winners of the tournament include UnFiction members LouMac, Cortana, and Rowan.

Shortly following conclusion of the tournament, the Last Call Poker “all in” page updated, causing cell phones around Historical Congressional to ring. Lucky had a small favor to ask of those present at the cemetery and needed them to find a brick mausoleum surrounded by an iron fence and covered with blueberry bushes. Once there, players located a gun holster, a pair of binoculars and a nine-page hand-written mission from Lucky. The mission required trekking across the cemetery, moving from landmark to landmark, collecting dates of death, names and other information from Lucky’s friends visited at the cemetery. Once collected, the information was relayed back to those playing from home, where a message was decoded and led to the discovery of a new character. Those present at Congressional made an offer of 300 poker chips, a short moment of silence in memory of those below, and were rewarded with a radio broadcast from Lucky, who thanked the players and informed them that the next part of the story would take place in Al Capone’s Chicago, and the Last Call Poker site was transformed from militaristic 1945 into art deco and jazz, 1929.

Following this task, the D.C. crew retired to a local pub where drinks were raised to those left behind at the cemetery and food was ordered to satiate the hungry players, who, after 5 hours in the cold rain, desperately needed both libation and fries. T-shirts were given away in a mini-card game, pie was served to celebrate the birthday of Lucky’s liaison, and the masses rejoiced, thanking Sam Adams for blessing them with such a tasty brew.