michaeladams.jpgThe saga of Michael Adams began when our hero sent some out-of-the-blue e-mails to various ARG players. Michael, who seems to have an intimate relationship with paranoia, had encrypted the message with Morse code, Vigenere, and base64. (All of that, just to essentially say, “Urgent! I need your help!”) A more recent communication was encrypted nine times over — It’s a good thing that there are so many online decoders out there.

Michael, it turns out, needs our help! (Although perhaps not as urgently as it first appeared.) His exact predicament is still a bit fuzzy, but we know that it involves a Prophecy, a Brotherhood, some Secrets, and an Item. Not to mention a Hero (apparently none other than our friend Michael) and a Traitor. Oh, and a Date and a Location. And some Capitalization.

Information (chock full of encryption goodness!) has been relayed to players via e-mail, text messages, instant messenger, and Michael’s Livejournal (in which old entries tend to get removed, so don’t despair if it looks empty). If you like messing around with online decoders, why not join in the Fun?

Editor’s Note: A recent development has been discovered from an email from one of the game characters. Apparently, there will be a live event for this game somewhere in the state of North Carolina in the United States, at some time tomorrow. We will continue to update this article if more concrete information becomes available.

Editor’s Note #2: The game came to a disappointing end before any sort of real world interaction was to take place. For more details on the first ARG casualty of 2006, see this post at UnFiction.