The Lost Experience

Back in February, glimmers of an upcoming interactive media experience were hinted at by Javier Grillo-Marxauch, a writer for the worldwide hit television show Lost, who said, "I assure you, there will be a lot of official Lost-sanctioned internet action coming up." Ears perked up from all around the ARG community, where speculation about some of the official and unofficial sites springing up around the internet ran rampant.

Then in early April, the Official Lost Podcast echoed the earlier statement, with writers David Lindelof and Carlton Cuse stating, "We're involved in a project which is going to involve the internet that's going to start in May."

Today, ABC has officially announced that The Lost Experience will take place this summer. According to the AP article, "What is known about the challenge is that it includes the introduction of new characters and the mysterious Hanso Foundation. The first clue requires finding a toll-free number that will be released during the show or commercial breaks." There will be different clues depending on the viewers' geographical locations, including the UK, the USA, and Australia.

The Lost Experience is scheduled to kick off in early May during an episode of Lost.  Stay alert!


  1. craig

    visit here for a more comprehensive coverage of the game thanks….

  2. psychicsailboat

    So what’s up with the hanso foundation website?
    Looks as if it has been there for a while.
    I caught the last half of the show last night, and there was a nifty commercial on for the hanso foundation.

    Game on anyone?

  3. Chris Forscutt

    the number for the hanso foundation is 0800 66 66 40

  4. steeeb

    If you want the latest clues, goto:

  5. Frenchy

    Everything in french on this blog, wich explain step by step the lost experience with pictures and passwords in the Hanso foundation.