study.jpgAdam Martin, who is the chair of the IGDA ARG Special Interest Group mailing list, is looking for a few good writers. Specifically, the task at hand is to create a whitepaper document that would help to “promote and explain the genre to a wide audience, and also to get wide exposure for your own writing on the subject.” Adam explains:

We’re looking for submissions on the following topics. Depending upon the depth of the topic, you should expect to write between 3 and 10 pages. Submissions should be no more than 300 words, and include both a short summary and also a breakdown of the content you intend to write about.

NB: topics in brackets are provisionally assigned to authors already

ARG Genre
(genre description)
(history / timeline)

(relationships with: interactive fiction, MMORPG’s, static fiction)
– staff skillsets / recruiting an ARG team
– design techniques and tools

– sub-genre categorization
(launched games current and recent)
(player numbers in ARGs)

– business models past and present

– security and hacking

If you have an idea for a topic not listed above, please feel free to email me a 300 word outline for it – unsolicited topics are very welcome.

I’d like outlines from all authors by the end of this week; if you’d like to write on a topic but cant get an outline by then, drop me an email anway and we’ll sort something out. Any other questions or queries, email me.

You can contact Adam Martin at his email address: adam at