Zoom In On Ocular Effect

OcularEffect.jpg The ARGN Tipline lightbulb flashed this morning, alerting us to a new message arriving at the ARGcave. Our intrepid hero reporters donned their shiny gold catsuits and red swirlie over-the-suit panties, flipped their capes over their shoulders and flew into the internet wild to gather information, like the Thunderbirds but with better marionettes.

They came back with a mysterious website, Ocular Effect. The rather barren site displays a flash movie entitled “spiroclock” – but wait! Is that what we think it is?! IT’S A COUNTDOWN! We hooked Brains up to his new fangled math program and he chugged out an answer – Monday! The countdown clock runs to this upcoming Monday, July 17th! Holy good mathing, Brains!

We then sent Virgil Tracy out to whois the domain. He was amazingly successful and Lady Penelope was most enthused. Virgil gathered intriguing information that leads the ARGNbirds to believe that the magical world of Disney is behind this project. Gordon, not wanting to be out-performed by that pantywaist Virgil, noticed in his investigation that Ocular Effects redirects to 00112358.net, which isn’t registered to Disney, oddly enough.

What may happen on Monday has yet to be discovered — it’s unclear what Disney project is being promoted, and equally hazy what the strange, spinning wheel with the ooglie-booglie, danger music represents, but rest assured, the ARGNbirds are ready, prepped, and pantied to keep you informed of every surprise.


  1. As Kanashimi No Kage said it, when you google 00112358.net you get “ReGenisis – Flash Detected”.
    Regenisis 2?

  2. The oculareffect.com site will not come up for me, but the 00112358.net site will.

    Is this just my problem? If not, any suggestions as to why this is happening?

  3. No, it’s not just happening to you. The oculareffect.com site appears to be offline, though the 00112358.net site isn’t. At this point, I don’t think we can offer any reason for it other than mysterious PM fluffernuttery. For other discussion, make sure to check out the UnFiction forum thread at http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=15800

  4. The URL is made up of the first 8 digits of the ‘Fibonacci Numbers’… The symbol in the middle of the centre wheel may or may not be interpreted as one of the symbols for ‘Phi’ (not Pi). Could be interesting to see where this goes.

  5. Is it just me, or is their sound that was not their yesterday??? i guess i should check the forums…. 😉

  6. If you align the rings (try visualizing it), you can see it forms a shape similar to a birthday candle or a refinery tower with flames shooting out of it.

    Question: will the countdown run out with the slots on the rings pointing up, down or towards the flashing lightbulb?

  7. I also took the liberty of Photoshopping the rings in order to align the rings by the notches. You can see the image at:


    Looks like a candle more and more. Any movies with this logo coming out?

  8. Hey guys! I’m starting up a new blog which will follow the clues from this ARG closely. It will be modeled after the TLEC blog, for those who are familiar with The Lost Experience ARG.

    Please check:


    And help us contribute clues!

  9. Go to http://www.oculareffect.com and see the oculus. the yellow sphere floating around has a symbol on it…click it to enter the oculus…then match up the symbols and you see some really odd images before being re-directed to an odd site about the girl who designed them…something fishy is going on

  10. 3 years too late, but does anyone know if the countdown timer or the actual ocular eye was ever ripped from the website before it went down? I’ve tried emailing the guys who made it but no reply for 4 months…

    If anyone has information feel free to email me. I would specifically like the countdown animation that keeps looping for personal experiments.

  11. Caen: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.oculareffect.com/ should be useful. I did a bit of looking around and they have a version of the occulus, but I didn’t search far enough to see if it all works fully.

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