I Died Here (and here and here and here and…)

Hot off the ARGN Tipline comes news of a new ARG based in India. I Died Here is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoyed The Blair Witch Project. The basic story: three 20-somethings are staying in a guesthouse called Shanti Cottage outside of Mumbai (Bombay) that has a dark history. They intend to document their stay via cellphone pictures and video (promised) as an “adventure” to try to find out why there have been five suicides in the house. They have started writing about their experiences so far in a blog, and also have posted puzzles that need to be solved to reveal information they’ve collected so far.

Thus far, it appears they have arrived at the house and are experiencing odd events, like cold spots and eerie noises. There are also some alarming lemons that they need explained. Three out of the four puzzles posted have been solved, so don’t read the comments on the blog if you want to try your hand at them first.

I Died Here (Trailhead)
Rohan Lives

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