umedia.pngWhat started out as a minor diversion is turning out to be something more. The UK-based U-media is working on a new product called a trope: an “entirely new media form […] that reproduces an experience exactly – down to emotions and thoughts.” Players digging deeper into the company’s website are discovering a backstory and indications that all is not what it seems at U-media.

While it’s a little too soon to say definitively what is going on at U-Media, by all indications the players have only scratched the surface. In addition to the original puzzle trail, there are a number of other telltale ARG elements in play, such as password-protected forums (complete with hidden “backdoor”), secretive corporate research projects, player-character interactions, a personal blog, a sudden character disappearance, and a mysterious R&D compound dubbed “The Village.”

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U-media. Feeling is Believing.

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