tinfoilhat.jpgWhile we’re a little extremely late in reporting this story, I figured the word about a Sammeeeees sequel would spread through the ARG community like wildfire, given that the original game was looked upon with so much admiration. And hey, we did mention (on episode 26 of the ARG Netcast series) that there was an “apparent sequel” back in early June. Oh, and speaking of the netcasts, perhaps you tuned into episode 31, where we devoted much of the show to konamouse’s spirited discussion of the game? Huh? Did you do that? Did you?

Okay, all excuses aside, the game is still going on strong. The aforementioned (and totally awesome) konamouse has strung together one of the best Story So Far threads you’ll ever see at the Unfiction forums, and her website and email listing ain’t half bad either. The Sammeeeees puppetmasters were kind enough to fill in the backstory in one fell swoop with an early post at Happy Rogers’ Livejournal. It looks like there are still many, many opportunities to get involved in this intricate, interactive experience, so get your beer and burritos Under Nedd’s Bed and get involved!

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