bourne.jpgGoogle and Universal Studios have joined forces to bring us the latest and greatest movie-themed timewaster, The Ultimate Search for Bourne. The sweepstakes timewaster coincides with the release of the latest movie in the Bourne series, The Bourne Ultimatum. Players join the game as an agent hot on the trail of Jason Bourne and are promised great rewards if they find him. The prizes include a 2008 Volkswagen, $25,000 and a four destination vacation.

Even if you’ve never seen the previous Bourne movies or read the original novels, the puzzles and storyline are simple enough that anyone can play. It’s a fun little timewaster as long as you don’t mind overlooking a slightly over-the-top obvious advertisement or two. Clues have led players to a fictional dating website and Mastercard’s website which doesn’t hide the fact that it is associated with the game.