The Elder Gods Listen… to Providence Radio

theylisten.jpgTwo enterprising players of Eldritch Errors, Denny Vaccaro (endercoaster) and Jake Sapir (unknownwarrior33) launched an in-game radio broadcast last Sunday, reviewing significant game events of the week and inviting players to call in to the show. Providence Radio will be on the air every Sunday morning from 10 – 11 a.m. CT on Grinnell College radio, KDIC 88.5. Listeners out of the broadcast area can tune in via the internet at Players – and characters – can call into the show at 641-269-3328 to share their experiences, speculations, and observations about the uncanny affairs of the Eldritch Errors world. Providence Radio is completely in-game, so no Meta discussion allowed, folks! We’ll bseeingu on Sunday!

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  1. That’s actually 10-11 Central Time, not Eastern

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