Mailbox: From zombies to a mystery pole

lostzombies.JPGIt’s turning out to be quite the summer for alternate reality games, or so the relentless parade of packages, letters and postcards to come through the ARGNet snail mail box seems to indicate. First up, from last week, is a lovely package from Lost Zombies, a new post-apocalyptic venture billing itself as “a community generated zombie documentary.” Inside the package was a letter, a paperback copy of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, and a retail DVD copy of 28 Days Later, the superb film by Danny Boyle. According to the letter (full text available after the jump), these materials “provide valuable insight into zombie behavior and its many forms,” and should help increase our chances of survival. Sweet!

Also in the mail — just today, in fact — was a postcard. Apparently, we’re just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year, because the sender wishes we were there, ‘there’ being New York City. And, beyond that, we have no idea why this postcard was sent to us. We do know that our friends at Despoiler received a similar postcard, and surmise that the image on the front is of a location in Times Square, NYC. They’ve urged their legion of readers to go outdoors and find the pole marked with the arrow, and we urge the same of our loyal viewers, if only to satisfy our curiosity as to the mystery of the blue pole.


We regret to inform you that we have received reports of a zombie outbreak in your area. Our records indicate you are a CLASS IV CIVILIAN. This designation suggests that you exhibit one or many of the following traits: resourcefulness, moderate intelligence, extra sensory perception, and/or abnormally high immunity to illness. You may also have: more than 3 registered firearms, experience operating heavy machinery, experience killing zombies, and/or access to a large and captive audience. If you feel you have received this message in error your designation is more than likely CLASS V ACCEPTABLE LOSS and you may ignore this letter.

We have included in this package works of zombie fiction. While none of these materials document actual zombie outbreaks, they provide valuable insight into zombie behavior and its many forms. We hope these materials increase your chances of survival.

After reading this letter and digesting the reality of your situation please immediately go to WWW.LOSTZOMBIES.COM and register. Our goal at Lost Zombies is to collect as much evidence as possible of zombies and zombie related outbreaks and to compile that evidence in to the world’s first community generated zombie documentary. Upon registering at Lost Zombies please upload any proof of zombies you have and document any outbreaks you know of If you were unable to witness any outbreaks we will accept re-creations. It is also your responsibility to identify as many CLASS IV CIVILIANS as possible and communicate to them the zombie threat.

We need your help to prove to the world that zombies are a reality and that a zombie apocalypse is possible if not eminent.

Thank You

PS: Any content you upload to the site belongs to you. In the event that Lost Zombies wants to use your footage in a documentary film we will reach out to you (assuming you’ve survived) and get your permission as well as discuss potential compensation.

The “Wish You Were Here” postcard, front and back:



  1. Lost Zombies

    We were there 😉

  2. Andy

    Check out one of the photos at – the same pole appears. The arrow must be pointing to the zombie warning sticker.

  3. Jonathan Waite

    I think that is both hilarious and frightening! Did you see anything ARGish before adding your sticker?

  4. prototype161

    Infringement will not be tolerated. Your sticker has been removed.