Palmer and Gaiman and Folds, Oh My!

Editor’s note: Links within this article lead to web pages that contain images some may find unsuitable for all audiences — namely, some female nudity. Click the links at your discretion.


A possible alternate reality game to coincide with the release of Amanda Palmer’s new solo album, Who Killed Amanda Palmer? has recently popped up on ARG players’ collective radar. Palmer, of The Dresden Dolls, has recently “disappeared” and pictures have surfaced displaying her in several difficult (and somewhat gory) positions. The pictures were found by an artist blogger in what the she describes as a “rabbit hole”. While the blogger initially dismisses the photos as an art project, she quickly learns otherwise after being contacting by the organizer of an upcoming Amanda Palmer podcast tribute.

A few celebrities were involved in the making of the album, which should make for quite an interesting suspect list should this develop into a full-blown ARG. Palmer’s blog on the album’s website lays out the events which led up to the album’s completion and her subsequent disappearance. Much of this blog focuses on Palmer’s collaboration with Ben Folds, who was the co-producer of the album. Another familiar name on the possible suspect list is Neil Gaiman, who has written the text for the upcoming book, The Big Book of Who Killed Amanda Palmer. If you’re a fan of Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds or Neil Gaiman, you might want to keep an eye on this one.

The album and the book are available for purchase on the Who Killed Amanda Palmer website.

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  1. Chris Havranek

    I don’t listen to them, but if this turns out to get involved I might have to pick up the CD/book combo. That would be great to see a CD span across other mediums like books and online with something more involved than simply music.

    Marketing an experience rather than just a TV show, CD or event is something that is going to be more prevalent in the coming years.