Last ConferenceG’day Mate! Australia is hosting an international ambassadorial meeting and Natalie Ross has asked folks over at Unfiction if they could help out with the event.  Actually she is just trying to figure out the table arrangements, but it’s still a once in a lifetime opportunity to hone your diplomatic skills!

Meanwhile, coded messages from crack cryptographer Martin Bryce has alerted Ms. Ross that security for the event is in doubt, and an anonymous letter warns that the safety of the conference has been compromised. Together, Natalie and Martin are hard at work down under trying to protect the diplomats while they’re in Sydney, but things are getting out of hand and they need the problem solving skills of all you ARG’ers out there to get to the bottom of this!

Help avoid a devastating international incident by jumping onto the trailhead at An Unfiction forums thread has been created to help sort data as well.