ARGNet on “The Digital Edge”

thedigitaledgeARGNet’s own Associate Editor Marie Lamb appeared on South African marketing podcast The Digital Edge this past week to discuss alternate reality games. Marie was joined by alternate reality gaming developers Ken Eklund (World Without Oil), McKinney’s Chris Walsh (Art of the Heist), and Cherryflava’s Jonathan Cherry (Can You Twist). The Digital Edge produces weekly podcasts on topics related to digital marketing.

Marie provided a succinct explanation of what alternate reality games are (and what they are not).  During the podcast, she noted that “a real ARG has to have two crucial elements, in my opinion, to succeed.  It has to have a really good story, and it has to have a strong community of players.  In the best ARGs, these two are interlinked.”  Then Ken Eklund, Jonathan Cherry, and Chris Walsh each described the rationale behind launching an alternate reality game along with brief explanations of their respective projects.

Click Here to listen to the Digital Edge episode on alternate reality games.


  1. Steve Wax

    Hey, Chris Walsh: what was your role on The Art of the Heist?

  2. Michael Andersen

    Chris Walsh is listed as Connection Planner on Art of the Heist, and he discussed his involvement in those terms during the podcast. My apologies if there was any confusion in the article.

  3. Jonathan Waite

    Nicely done Marie! I look forward to hearing that podcast soon.