BREAKING NEWS: Artiforg Defaulters Ciji and Usman Caught

On Monday night, Lone Shark Games, Evan Ratliff, and Repo Men runner Usman Akeju joined the ARGNetcast to talk about their cross-country hunt for four runners carrying artiforgs from the Union. Yesterday, Repo Men hunter Geneva Conventional caught both Usman Akeju and Ciji Thorton at Seabrook Roller Skating Rink in Lanham, Maryland.  Prior to his capture, Usman visited his mother’s house, prompting Lone Shark Games President Mike Selinker to quip, “It proves what I’ve been saying for years: Nothing good can come from bringing a girl over to your mom’s house.”

MovieViral’s most recent RepoCast features an interview with Geneva Conventional along with Lone Shark Games’ Creative Director Teeuwynn Woodruff and hunters Shinma22, fubarcrew, BiggKat77, semisweetCJ, and eviltikimonkey describing Ciji and Usman’s capture, as well as their efforts to catch the other two runners.  Additionally, the Repo Men website has released an official statement announcing the capture, raising a number of questions:

How could two runners be so blind (especially as Thornton had a top-of-the-line Ocurity eye) as to miss someone sneaking up on both of them? Didn’t they have a feeling deep inside (perhaps in Usman’s Nephrolux kidney) that they could both be caught doing one of their individual Groundswell tasks? Will Groundswell loosen its restrictions on the other two runners, Alex Gamble and Will LaFerriere—or will the noose tighten even more?

Now that there are only two runners, the noose seems to have tightened significantly for artiforg payment defaulters Will and Alex. Adding to the challenge, Lone Shark Games has announced that the remaining artiforgs are infected with the “Ides of March” virus, requiring the runners to complete a task by March 15th to ensure their GPS coordinates remain masked. Furthermore, Woodruff implied that there will be “other things that need to be hunted down this week” for additional rewards.

Geneva Conventional, now $15,000 richer, offered the following encouragement for other potential Repo Men. “Make sure you keep up to date with all of the sources of information, keep an open mind to different theories and approaches, and get the hell out there! Two runners and over two weeks left. I have faith in my fellow hunters.”

Click Here to join the hunt for Will LaFerriere and Alex Gamble.
Click Here to watch Geneva Conventional recount the capture on YouTube.

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  1. Ooh, my mom’s not going to be happy about that quote.

    Congratulations again to Ciji and Usman on making it halfway, and to Geneva for making sure they didn’t make the other half.

    And thanks ever so much to ARGNet for all their support. We love you guys.


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