Earlier this year, Formula 1 superstar Lewis Hamilton sent out a call for help, but not with his racing career – he uses his globe-trotting lifestyle to track down and recover stolen works of art, and his latest case was proving a tough nut to crack. Thus began Lewis Hamilton: Secret Life, brought to you by Reebok and nDreams.

Since our previous article on this game, players have cracked a museum security system, tracked down a reclusive art collector, aided an aspiring singer, and, finally, guided Lewis himself a daring heist through a mansion in Shanghai. Throughout the varied story, the most impressive elements have been a live meet in Kuala Lumpur and the fully interactive game used to plan the eventual heist.

After tracking down the culprit to his mansion in Shanghai, players needed to find the mansion floor plans so Lewis’ team could plot the heist. Luckily, Lewis’ comrade Anna discovered the mansion had been designed by an architect named Frank, and players were tasked with retrieving the mansion plans from him. Once on Frank’s website, players found an email address. Sending the name of one of several notable architects to the email address provided a response with a link to Frank’s twitter feed, @AnonArchitect. Not only did this reveal a picture of Frank in his best pink Lacoste shirt, but players also found he had plans to visit Suria KLCC, a mall in Kuala Lumpur, on a research trip. One intrepid fan contacted an expatriate website, finding a contact in Kuala Lumpur ready to meet Frank on the appointed date. You can read the story of the encounter here (although you will need to translate the article from French).

Once the fan had exchanged contact details with Frank and received plans for the mansion, Anna entered the plans into a heist simulator. By playing this simulator, players were able to guide Lewis through the mansion, solving a small puzzle to unlock the room with the painting. The simulator remains available to play here along with a mobile version here. Roughly a week after the simulator was put online, Frank emailed new plans for the mansion, including a ventilation system previously omitted. Anna dutifully added it to the simulator (you can access it by entering code 893638881 on the main menu). While this had little effect on record heist times, it did give a cryptic message from Anna which remains a mystery.

Lewis didn’t have much time in the mansion; Anna had temporary control of a military satellite to monitor progress but it would only remain in position for a few scant minutes. Players had to find the quickest route through the mansion to claim the painting, and exit safely. Competition was heated, but eventually nobody could top the time I set of roughly 2:05 (let me know if you do!). As a reward for completing the heist fastest, I was recently sent a signed photo of Lewis Hamilton, and I imagine there are similar prizes available in the later missions.

The good news is, just as we’ve recovered one work of art, it seems our next mission is looming. Anna recently updated the website with a new blog post with the message to “be ready for action.” You can sign up for email updates from the Secret Lewis front page, keep an eye on the Twitter feed, and keep up to date in the Unfiction thread here. If you want to catch up with the story so far from Anna’s point of view, the “Episode 1” archive is available here. Updates are small and fairly frequent – perfect for those who only have time after work or school to keep up with a game, but are nonetheless hungry for content. There’s surely much to look forward to in the coming missions.

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