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Original Owner, Godfather of ARG
Steve was the creator and original owner of After three years of authoring articles, Steve moved on to bigger and better things at No Mimes Media. During his time here, Steve was also one of the puppetmasters for the popular ARG Project MU. He is affectionately known as the Godfather of ARG.

Live Phone-in Chat with H3ist Team: July 10th

heistfinale2.jpgThe Alternate Reality Gaming Network will host a live call-in phone chat with some of the folks behind the recent alternate reality game The Art of the H3ist, provided by the kind folks at AccuTalk. It will be open to callers both in the US and abroad, and will take place this Sunday, July 10th at 7:00pm Pacific/10:00pm Eastern. Our guests will include Mike Monello, Brian Cain, Brian Clark, Nicole Barré (Nisha), Ben Rock and Dave Szulborski (more as they are confirmed).

This phone chat will work very much like a call-in radio show, as callers will have a chance to talk directly to our guests, and ask whatever questions they like. If you’d like to participate, call (404) 920-6650, then enter the conference code 880772#. You’ll be prompted to state your name (or screen name in this case), then will be put on hold until the chat begins.

By default, you’ll be in listen-only mode. If you’d like to ask a question or make a comment, press *1. This will put you in the queue, which will be gone through in order. We’ll move international callers to the front of the queue. When it’s your turn, you’ll be ‘voiced’ and able to talk.

EDIT 7/12: You can download an mp3 file of the chat here (13.5MB).

“Art of the H3ist” Finale Set for Wednesday

heistfinale.jpgPlayers of Audi’s Art of the H3ist (as it’s now presenting itself) are preparing for what looks to be the culmination of the three month-long alternate reality game. Many players are converging on an event scheduled for this Wednesday, June 29th, to witness what goes down.

The Art of The H3ist unfolded in real time over the course of the last three months, its players experiencing a quality story of theft, love and betrayal through many diverse media: Print ads, billboards, television commercials, radio spots, Web Sites, live events, e-mails, videos, IRC chats, voice transcripts, machinima, puzzles, photos, scanned documents, and more.

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Sin2 Viral Site Discovered

legionpharma.jpgThose who are waiting for the sequel to Ritual Entertainment’s game Sin got a little surprise recently when trying to access the Sin2 website. The site,, suddenly began redirecting to Legion Pharmaceutical (

A very little digging revealed a small puzzle. Semi-Hidden text revealed “First is the key!” followed by an alphanumeric series: P12-66/P1-13/P2-3/P6-39/P3-9/P4-4/P5-8/P7-14/P8-45/P9-6/P10-12/P11-45.

That’s about it for now. To keep tabs on what’s solved/discovered and whether this leads to anything like an alternate reality game, follow this thread at Unfiction.

The Traveler Returns?

traveler2.gifIn December of 2004, we told you about some interesting web activity surrounding the then-upcoming novel The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks. Links were found to multiple websites that looked very much like a new alternate reality game. Players scoured websites for the Evergreen Foundation, Resurrection Auto Parts, Hollis Martial Arts and Judith Strand, where thye found many hidden goodies, including memos about something escaping from a Genetic Research Center. Everything looked pretty promising, and further investigation led to……nothing. A dead end. A few cool sites that made for a nice internet marketing campaign, but that’s all.

Or was it?

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Super ARGFest-O-Con 4 : New York City, July 22-24, 2005

argfest4.jpgAfter successful ARGFest-O-Cons in Las Vegas, Orlando and Vancouver BC, we think it’s high time to invade the Big Apple! Meet other ARG-obsessed souls, eat, drink, and be merry at our 4th glorified ARGParty!

ARGFest-O-Con 4 looks to be the biggest gathering of ARG players and developers yet, with players from all over the US, Canada and Great Britain planning to attend. In addition, you’ll be able to meet some of the folks behind such games as The Art of the Heist, The Beast, Chasing the Wish, Lockjaw, Metacortechs, and Perplex City.

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