vl-end.jpgSometimes addiction to ARG games is not a good thing. We players always seem to want more stories, more puzzles, and more action, even after the game has finished. Especially after the game has finished, players will attempt to find more secrets hidden away, squeezing every last drop out of the game before they walk away.

So has been the case with Vaporlofts. I am sorry to report that ARGN has received information that the game has come to an end, just the way it was meant to, even though none of us realized it. In a vast departure from previous games, Vaporlofts ended the way things in life tend to do. There were no ending credits, no happy endings, just more questions than answers. Anne never returned from Atlanta and with information going missing, it seems that only Vaporlofts can know why. With the company so good at keeping secrets, we may never know what truly happened to her. All of our leads have gone cold, so it’s time to put this into a cold case file and hope that one day a new lead may turn up.

Of course, now you are all wondering who put out this game that has been so different from other ARGs we have seen over the course of the years. To quote one of my favorite movies:

Inigo Montoya: Who are you?
Westley: No one of consequence.
Inigo Montoya: I must know.
Westley: Get used to disappointment.

That’s right, the PM(s) of Vaporlofts wish to remain anonymous. ARGN can report that this was a freshman effort by PM(s) who had not heard of Unfiction before the game started. But the game did evolve based in part on our discussions on Unfiction. For example, the cryptography was added just for us. And despite the pleas of players that they get to talk to the creative minds behind the game, the PM(s) wish to keep the curtain closed. Maybe one day their silence will be broken, but until that time, it’ll just be one more question that we add to our unanswered pile.

So, as the end has come, we would like to congratulate the PM team for a job well done. This has been one of the more unique games to come along, and it shows us that it is possible to be innovative without being controversial, that a game doesn’t have to answer every question, or that PMs are just in it for the glory. Now we can only hope that this initial effort won’t be an only effort, and that someday we can pull out our cold case file and delve a little deeper into the mystery that is and was Vaporlofts.