valkyriehero.jpgWhen Dan Cook coined the phrase “it ain’t over until the fat lady sings”, he may have been discussing the 1978 NBA playoffs, but the expression has become rooted in the operatic tradition and Norse mythology. And like that final aria from a singing valkyrie, Odina Nova has returned to the ARG world.

Continuing as scheduled on March 21, the vernal equinox, Odina Nova has returned from the depths of Niflheim to continue following Hermod’s quest to prevent disaster in our world at the hands of the Eyes of Woden. A war in an alternate world known as “Vanaheim” threatens to spill over into our own realm of “Midgard,” and humanity’s only hope lies with the Tanais Apparatus and possibly Hermod’s new job at Heimdall Industries.

This game offers an intensive look at Norse mythology, with many puzzles and solutions relating to ancient runes and Norse figures from days of old as well as a plot heavy on Asgardian references. Although the pacing of the game is fitful at best with a recent two-week lull in the game mere days after its relaunch, the puppetmaster appears committed to seeing the game to its conclusion.

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