Why So Serious?

Hey everyone! I have BREAKING NEWS here from Comic-Com!

Purchasing some overpriced “Stargate Atlantis Collector Edition” bottled water, I received a VERY unusual dollar bill in change.

George’s face has been obscured and replaced with a… can it be… somewhat JOKER-like face, and the caption below reads “WHYSOSERIOUS”.

This, of course, leads us to www.whysoserious.com – could the Joker be looking for recruits?

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  1. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=21.355+-157.971944

    I think I put that in right. Coordinates at the san diego zoo?

  2. I went to Google Earth and googled the Coords, its in the middle of the pacific ocean…if I messed up, and someone finds the real ones, please let me know at [email protected]

  3. I found it!! the exact image is on google maps by typing in the address to the Comic Con Convention Center. 111 W Harbor Dr San Diego, CA 92101 zoom in and the exact image is just outside the convention center. So anyone in San Diego should go!! Lucky People, Im stuck in IL.

  4. Apparently it was some kind of game/contest. I’m watching G4 right now and they explained it.

    Just what is overpriced SGA water? Was it jut at their booth or actually stamped with SGA motif?

    Like others, I’m not at the con. Stuck at home. Sigh.

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