aporia.jpgAporia Cross-Media Entertainment has released the trailer for their new alternate reality game code-named “Aporia Agathon”, scheduled to run for a year, starting in the summer of 2008.

Aporia CME, formerly known as Naked Rabbit Studios, developed Ny Takma, a science fiction themed alternate reality game running from September to November of 2006. The team has not been idle in the intervening months, and promise a unique user interface that will, according to Jason Chrest, use “an existing medium that just has not yet been used within the ARG/CF genre.”

Through a tip posted at Despoiler, Jason elaborates that the game will pull from genres ranging “from world history, to sci-fi, to conspiracy, drama, and more.” The text of the message also includes a hidden message revealing a bit more about the mysterious interface under development.

The trailer, set to the soothing sound of Cecil Grant’s classic hit “I Wonder”, introduces the character “GC” as he composes a letter to his dearest love. A series of flashbacks depict his escape from an unknown pursuer by train.

Stay tuned to ARGNet for updates on this and other games.