brinkvaleLast November, podcast novelist and author JC Hutchins spoke with ARGNet about his upcoming transmedia novel Personal Effects: Dark Art, produced by Smith & Tinker. In the interview, Hutchins explained that a number of online-based transmedia experiences would be released prior to the book’s release that would leverage his strengths as both a storyteller and a podcaster. Earlier this weekend, Hutchins announced that he was seeking volunteers interested in becoming committed…to an insane asylum.

By visiting, volunteers can commit themselves to Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital. After filling out their patient profile, volunteers receive their admittance papers and are eligible to submit their “art assignments” to Brinkvale’s art therapist and Personal Effects protagonist Zach Taylor. Submissions will appear in The Brink’s patient gallery. The first assignment, Your Mad World, is already available.

The Personal Effects experience launched last summer when a number of prominent video gaming blogs took notice of, a snark-infused gaming blog penned by Zach’s girlfriend Rachael Webster. Her blog led to a series of other related websites including her employers at the New York Journal Ledger, her boyfriend Zach’s MySpace page, the Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital, and a support group for current and former Brinkvale patients. Conveniently, Rachael has tagged her personal posts for easy perusal.

Hutchins has released an audio promotion for the “Commit Yourself to the Brink” campaign, and challenged his fans to spread the word. Already, over a hundred people have agreed to spread the message through podcasts, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and a host of other media.

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